Skull and Bones



University Comfort Food

We visited our good friend, Pri, who works in Skull & Bones as a Marketing Officer. We went there to try their food and also to catch up. It’s located at UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue, Diliman Quezon City. From the facade, their restaurant looks pretty attractive especially to the young people as it gives that university feels and actually reminds us of a frat house we see on screen. Related to this, they have a game room wherein you can play Beer Pong, Flip Cup and Battle Shots with your friends!

Here are some photos of the interior:

5 15 16

We didn’t get to take photos of the game room since it was being used but it’s at the back.


What are you having today?



Okay let’s get to the food. We wanted to try their burgers and so we bought Cheeseburger (Nicole’s), Cowabunga burger (Amber’s) and Pitbull & Curly Fries (Pri’s) ❤

8 9 10 11 12

Cheeseburger has that good salty taste balanced with the veggies in it. You’ll love every bite and savor that succulent piece of meat. The Cowabunga Burger is perfect when you can’t decide whether to get pizza or burger plus it has a bit of spice that gives it a twist. The fries is not your typical fries because it’s long and curly and has just the right amount of crisp and seasoning. It’s so full of flavors that excites your mouth. We ended up so full but with a happy tummy. 🙂


Amber & Nicole



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