A Notch Up to Denim

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Amber’s Outfit:

Top: H&M

Hoodie: H&M

Shorts: Forever21men

Boots: Palladium

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Ever wondered how to pull-off an all denim outfit? Here’s an example. Denim can also look light and un-heavy. You just need to balance the outfit. I wore this jacket with a mix of cotton fabric to make the outfit more comfortable. Topped this look with a high-cut leather boots to elevate the look from being to casual. I wore a denim shorts to make it more breezy. Over-all this look is made for days when you wanna feel effortlessly dressy (if you know what I mean)

Nicole’s Outfit:

Top: Bianca Manila
Denim button down: Thrift
Denim dress: Breonne Clothing
Jeans: Bench
Heels: Something Borrowed

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I really love styling and my look here is Denim on Denim x Denim. It’s fun to mix and match and play with layering. For me this is my first classy and chic look that I made here. With a little help of Amber, layering turned out so well. It’s a casual but very fashionable style and I’d definitely party wearing this. It’s so obvious that I love black and white. It just goes well with anything.


Amber and Nicole


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